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More than 35 years of experience.

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Highly Experienced Anniston Elder Law Attorney – A Seasoned Provider of Quality Legal Services

With years of experience, Bruce Adams provides you with dependable legal assistance in the areas of estates, trusts and related planning; forming and protecting businesses, probate law and various types of litigation.

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A Passionate Elder Law Attorney Anniston – Meet Your Lawyer Bruce N. Adams PC

Hello, I am Bruce Adams, born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. After graduating from The University of Alabama, I was commissioned as an officer in the United States Army, serving as a military police officer. While in the reserves, I earned my law degree from the Cumberland Law School at Samford University. I went on active duty and served as a Judge Advocate at Fort McClellan.

In 1984, I began private practice here in Anniston, Alabama, where I have lived and practiced since. My practice has involved many types of legal matters, including estates, business litigation, elder law, and divorce. Now, I concentrate on estate, probate, business matters, and family law.


Experienced Attorney In Anniston, AL – Elder Law, Estate Planning, Probate Administration, Wills & Trusts

Elder Law

Elder law is a specialized legal field that focuses on issues that primarily affect American seniors and persons with special needs. 
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Estate Planning

Even if you don’t have kids or a partner, estate planning is essential if you want to make sure your assets go to the people (or causes) you care about.
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Probate Administration

Probate administration can be complex and time-consuming, especially if the estate is large or there are multiple heirs. 
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Wills & Trusts

One way to safeguard your assets is to give them or title them to a family member. However, in doing so, you put your assets at risk to their creditors, including lawsuits, bankruptcy, and divorce.
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