About Jacksonville, Alabama

Jacksonville, Alabama is an exciting city in Alabama Calhoun County. The population is around 12,000, which makes it a very interesting community to live in. In the last decade it has seen a steady increase in growth, so now there are a lot more people here than ever before. As of the 2020 census, the population is just under 12,500, which is a 48% increase from 2020. It’s also located within the Anniston Oxford Metropolitan Statistical Area, which includes all of Alabama’s six largest cities. Anniston, AL can be seen here.

There are a lot of people who live in Jacksonville and it’s one of the fastest-growing places in Alabama. In fact, if you count all of the people living in Jacksonville, there are almost fifty-four thousand people in the entire area. This means that Jacksonville is home to a lot of people with a lot of money. Jacksonville has a lot of business establishments that employ a large number of people, and a lot of schools and hospitals. Jacksonville is known for its medical technology because of the hospital located in Jacksonville, and the University of Alabama. Click here to read about Hobson City, Alabama is a Small Town in the Middle of the Mississippi Delta.

Jacksonville is some of the best cities in Alabama and is definitely worth a visit. When planning your trip to Jacksonville, be sure to make a point of spending some time in Jacksonville. Jacksonville is the center of commerce in the entire state of Alabama. Be sure to stop by the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art. You can also enjoy a nice dinner at one of their restaurants. You can even enjoy a night out at one of the Jacksonville bars and clubs if you prefer.

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