Choccolocco, Alabama History

Choccolocco, Alabama is a city in the city of Calhoun County, AL, USA. It is one of the largest cities in Alabama. Choccolocco, Alabama is a census-designated community and was an unincorporated community in Calhoun County in Alabama. In the year 1890, it was founded by William S. Mather. As of the most recent census, its estimated population is 2,804. It was originally established as a small town in the area of the Alabama River known as “Mountain Lake.” Over the years, this small town grew to be one of the major cities of the Alabama area. Learn information Anniston, AL.

Choccolocco, Alabama is located just south of Calhoun County and is located between the Mississippi and Alabama Rivers. The area has a temperate climate with an average high and low temperature of fifty to sixty degrees Fahrenheit. In general, there are very few major roads that lead into the city. There are also a variety of bridges leading to the various parts of the town. Discover facts about Growth of Alexandria, AL.

Choccolocco, Alabama is a great place to live for people who like the outdoors and enjoy spending their time outside. The beaches of this city are very beautiful and offer beautiful landscapes and beaches that you can view from your balcony or walk along the shoreline. There are also beautiful parks that you can visit and play around in. There are also many other places to go for entertainment such as restaurants and bars.

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