Saks, Alabama – An Overview

Saks, Alabama is an urbanized community and census-designated area in Calhoun County, Alabama. In the 2020 Census the population was 11,527. The community of Saks consists of three communities: Saks Town, Saks Country Club, and Saks at Disney World. The City of Saks serves the County of Calhoun and is served by the Calhoun-Calhoun Fire District. It is part of the Anniston-Springdale Metropolitan Statistical Area. More can be found here.

Saks, Alabama is located on the southern side of I-65 at exit 72 in Anniston. A Saks, Alabama hotel is located about two miles from the Alabama Department of Transportation’s Anniston Road Exit Ramp (Exit 15). There are other attractions in Saks, including the Saks Country Club and Saks Town. The Saks Country Club is a golf course and fitness club located in a gated community. The Saks Town Shopping Center is a shopping center with stores, a movie theater, and a bowling alley. It is one block from the Anniston Road exit ramp on I-65. The Anniston Road exit ramp on I-65 is about a mile from Saks, Alabama. Learn more about Oxford, Alabama – A True Southern Charm.

This community is situated in the southern part of Calhoun County. The City of Anniston is located in the central portion of the Calhoun County area. This is the largest city in the area of southern Alabama. This area has a population of more than ten thousand people. The City of Anniston is located in the Saks, Alabama area.


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