In 2017, traffic accidents occurred in Alabama about every 200 seconds. The typical Alabama driver faces at least a one-in-three chance of being involved in a car accident that results in injury or death. In addition to physical injury, auto accidents can cause property damage. If you have been injured in a car crash, you may be expecting to receive money from others involved in the accident. Sometimes the hard part is finding out how to get compensation. It helps to understand a little more about what happens after the crash.

Car Crash-Related Damages

The first thing to do is get medical treatment for any injuries. Keep records of any medical bills for future reference.

Also, take pictures of your automobile or other property that was affected by the accident. You may need them to support your claim for damages. It’s very possible that you will need to have your car inspected since internal damages may not be visible to the naked eye.

When you speak with your attorney getting compensated, it’s best to have a clear idea of all the injuries you suffered. This may include physical or mental trauma, property damage, and lost wages.

Dealing with Insurance Companies

Typically, people involved in the accident will file claims with their respective insurance companies. You may have to talk to representatives from the other party’s insurers. However, it’s important to be very careful what you say. It’s never a good idea to lie, but you also don’t want to say the accident was your fault. Your attorney can help you communicate with insurance companies.

In addition, the insurance company may offer to settle with you. Always talk to your attorney before signing documents or even verbally agreeing to a settlement.

Filing a Lawsuit to Get Compensated After a Car Crash

It’s possible you and the other parties may be unable to reach an agreement on compensation. If so, you may have to consider filing a lawsuit. Here again, your attorney can let you know whether this is best in your case.

Recovering After a Car Crash Is Hard

You may need to get compensated after a car crash, especially if you were seriously injured or your car was totaled. It’s just hard to know where to start.

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