If you’ve ever started or operated a business, you know a lot about hard work, determination – and stress. It makes sense to protect the investment on which you have spent so much energy and money. One way to do that is to hire professionals with business experience. In this article, we will look at just a few of the reasons you need to hire a business lawyer.

Forming the Business

Generally, new business owners may form as one of the following business entities:

  • Sole proprietorship,
  • Partnership,
  • Limited Liability Company, or
  • Corporation or S Corporation.

Each type of business carries its own requirements, advantages, and disadvantages. An Alabama business attorney’s knowledge of Alabama business law can prevent you from choosing the wrong type.

Drafting Contracts

Most companies rely on contracts to spell out terms and conditions of everyday business relationships with:

  • Employees,
  • Vendors,
  • Landlords, and
  • Clients.

An incomplete or incorrect contract may lead to fractured business relationships and lawsuits. However, if you hire a business lawyer, you may avoid signing unenforceable contracts or falling into a breach of contract situation.

Complying with Laws

Business owners may focus on operating their companies. They may need help understanding the myriad of state, local, and federal laws that apply to their business operation. That’s when hiring a business lawyer, especially a local lawyer, is helpful.

An experienced business attorney typically understands business law at all levels. Because they specialize, business lawyers also stay abreast of any changes to laws that affect their clients.

Protecting Intellectual Property

A company’s ideas, concepts, inventions, logos, and so on constitute its intellectual property. Unfortunately, competitors may attempt to steal or use your ideas or products without permission. A business lawyer may help a company file for patents or trademarks or file copyright or patent infringement actions to stop unauthorized use of intellectual property.

Preventing or Minimizing Lawsuits

Some people say we live in a litigious society. It does seem like we hear about people suing other people very often. A lawyer may be able to help you negotiate disputes without heading into a courtroom.

It may not be possible to prevent all lawsuits. However, you may be able to reduce the fiscal damage if you hire a business lawyer to represent your interests.

Do You Need to Hire a Business Lawyer?

Your company may be your biggest investment and your greatest accomplishment. Hiring a business lawyer can help your business remain viable going forward.

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