If you played word association with the word “holidays” you might get the following responses: fun, stress, tradition, family. If you did the same with the term “estate planning” you might think: death, family, stress, and legal. Holidays and estate planning seem like very different concepts, but they have one thing in common: family.

Holidays and Estate Planning Celebrate Family

Some of us have very distinct family traditions, while others enjoy the peace and quiet of simple celebrations. Holiday activities generally revolve around family and friends, though.

With estate planning, you can celebrate your life while providing for your family. You might even add an ethical Will to your traditional estate planning documents. Though it is not a legal document, like a Will or trust, an ethical Will is your chance to tell all your life stories, the things you are proud of, why you are proud of your family, and the life lessons you want to pass on.

People Take Care of Family During Holidays and Estate Planning

Trying to buy the rights gifts for family and friends is one way to show people how much you care. You may spend hours making cookies, desserts, and holiday treats because, of course, everyone has a favorite – and you want them all to be happy.

Estate planning follows the same path. You want your family to be taken care of after you are gone, right? An estate plan can do just that. A Will or revocable living trust may ensure that your property goes to the right people after you are gone.

Holidays May Be the Right Time to Talk to Family About Estate Planning

If you and your family have gathered together for holiday together time, think about including a discussion about your estate plans. You know your family. Choose a time and place where everyone will be comfortable. Oh, and make sure you have an estate plan ready before you start the talk.

Make Sure Your Family Will Be Okay

Maybe the holidays have already passed. However, it is not too late to put together an estate plan that shows how much you care about your family.

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