Weaver, AL – An Introduction

Weaver, Alabama is located in Calhoun County in southern Alabama. At the 2020 Census the total population of the city was 3,040. It is an integral part of the Anniston – Oxford, Alabama Metropolitan statistical area. Weaver was once home to the famous Weaverville, a small town that became a popular destination for Civil War buffs. Anniston, AL information can be seen at this link.

When you visit Weaver, you will find that it is still home to many Civil War enthusiasts and there is always some kind of history lesson during the spring and fall months when you are invited to the high school football game or to an outdoor concert. Many people in Weaver enjoy the outdoors and spend their days hiking and fishing. There are also many historical buildings located near the city. Many of these buildings are part of the National Historic Landmark program. In addition, Weaver has a beautiful, historic downtown area that features an elegant courthouse. This historic courthouse serves as a popular tourist attraction. Discover facts about Saks, Alabama – An Overview.

In 2020, Weaver was one of the largest populations of people living in the Calhoun County in southern Alabama. This area of the state has been designated a National Historic Landmark. If you would like to learn more about this city, then you should take the time to visit it.

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