Participating in a trial is not something most people want to do, at least not more than once. Litigation can be expensive and stressful as your time and money are focused on a courtroom battle. However, there are alternatives. In fact, alternative dispute resolution is a popular solution for disputes and lawsuits. You may be surprised when you learn what mediation can do for you.

Save Time

Courtroom battles can last for years. If your case makes it to trial, there will be days of preparation beforehand. The actual trial may last half a day to months, depending on the case.

Mediations typically take a day or two. Of course, you will still prepare ahead of time, but the lead up to a mediation may be less intense than the days before a trial. If you and the other parties are able to reach an agreement in mediation, you can breathe a sigh of relief and go back to the normal business of your everyday life.

Save Money

Time is money. Your time is important. If you own a business, a lawsuit can be a drag on your company’s finances and performance. Mediation typically costs less than litigation.

Reaching an agreement through mediation means you won’t be paying for trial preparation. If your trial is far from home, you have to factor in travel costs and hotel accommodations. Mediations can be scheduled somewhere mutually convenient from the parties. Judges decide when and where a trial will be held, typically in their own courtroom.

Accomplish Your Primary Goal: Resolution

Mediators are facilitators. They meet with all the parties involved in a dispute for the sole purpose of finding a mutually agreeable solution.

On the other hand, during trial you are at the mercy of a judge and jury. You may be bound by their decision, whether you like it or not. There’s no guarantee that they will fully understand  your issues and there’s certainly the possibility they will find in the other party’s favor.

Mediation can offer a calmer, better way to resolve your dispute with minimal chance of a bad outcome.

Consider Mediation

If you are involved in a dispute or a lawsuit, talk to your attorney about mediation to see what mediation can do for you. It’s not always the best solution, but it is a possible one.

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