If you find yourself in the position of being sued or suing someone, you may wish there was a better way. In some cases, there may be a better way to proceed – mediation. In this article, we will review three reasons you should take your case to mediation.

Because You Want to Minimize Costs

Litigation, despite its continued popularity, is expensive. A lawsuit typically generates court costs, attorney’s fees, expenses, and more. Mediation is one way to lower your expenses while still resolving your legal disagreement.

Because You Want a Speedy Resolution

A lawsuit might go one for years before reaching settlement or judgment. While the lawsuit is pending:

  • You may be asked to respond to discovery requests, sending documents to your attorney.
  • Hearings, depositions, meetings, and conference calls may take hours of time away from your business and family.
  • Your business may suffer because your attention is divided.

Scheduling a mediation puts some of the power in your hands. You have the option to fix your problem sooner rather than later.

Because You Need to Resolve Your Problems

Usually, the point of filing a lawsuit is to resolve a problem. Claims could range from a simple dog bite case to a multi-million dollar business disagreement. No matter how little or much your case is worth, you want a resolution that, hopefully, is in your favor.

During a mediation session, the mediator meets with the parties to the lawsuit, along with their attorneys. The mediator’s goal is to facilitate an agreement, not to hand down a verdict. Both parties express their view of the problem and what they hope to achieve through litigation. Often, the mediator can move the parties closer until they reach an agreement. If mediation does not work, the parties can choose arbitration or simply continue on toward trial.

Why Use Mediation to Solve a Legal Problem?

You don’t have to settle at mediation. However, at least you have the opportunity to iron your differences before continuing down a road that ends in a courtroom.

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