After being injured in a car accident, Jody didn’t know where to turn. Medical bills piled up, her car was totaled, and her boss wanted her back at work pronto. She had heard of people being compensated for their losses through a personal injury claim, but she needed help. Jody is just one of the many people every year who need to hire a lawyer to handle a personal injury claim.

What Is Personal Injury?

Well, it may be defined as an injury to:

  • Body,
  • Mind, or
  • Emotions.

For example, you may receive physical injuries during a car accident, dog bite, or fall. The person who caused the injury may be held liable. This means they may have to compensate you for their actions or neglect.

Personal injury claims often involve:

  • Car accidents,
  • Defective or dangerous products or services,
  • Assault and battery,
  • Medical malpractice, and
  • Defamation in the form of libel or slander.

If you have suffered some type of damage, talk to an attorney to see if you have a personal injury claim.

What Can an Experienced Alabama Lawyer Do for Me?

Unlike the average person, an attorney has a deep knowledge of the law. More importantly, a lawyer will know how the law might relate to your claim. But how will that help as you try to get compensation for your injuries?

  • Unbiased Analysis. Before pursuing a claim, it’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case. An attorney who has handled personal injury lawsuits has a pretty good idea of your claim’s value.
  • Investigation and Record Requests. Attorneys usually know how to conduct an investigation or who they can hire to investigate for them. Depending on your claim, you may need medical records, police records, and information about person who caused your injuries or damages.
  • Filing Suit, Going to Trial, and Settling Claims. To get a personal injury lawsuit started, you have to which documents you need to prepare and where to file them. Then, you may go to trial unless you reach a settlement. Preparing for trial is not easy and is best left to experienced attorneys.
  • Offering Alternative Dispute Resolution. Your lawyer may suggest you try arbitration or mediation as an alternative to a prolonged court case. Either method can help you settle your legal case without going to court. However, both methods have pitfalls and should only be attempted by experienced lawyers.

Get the Most Out of Your Personal Injury Claim

Hire an experienced Alabama attorney like Bruce Adams.

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