Settling legal disagreements can be difficult. However, family law matters bring a whole new level of stress and emotion to the process. Trying to settle a divorce often stretches people to the limit, but there may be a better way. For example, mediation and the Alabama Uniform Collaborative Act may create a better environment to settle legal disputes and divorces.

What Is the Alabama Uniform Collaborative Act?

The Alabama Legislature passed the Alabama Uniform Collaborative Act (the “Act”) to make it easier for people to resolve certain family law matters. For example, a couple that wants a divorce might each hire an attorney with special training in collaborative law. The couple and their attorneys sign an agreement setting forth how the collaboration will work. One important provision is that the attorneys are not allowed to represent their clients in litigation if the collaborative effort falls through.

Other professionals may help the couple and their attorneys resolve issues about child support and custody, property division, and any other issues that arise.

How Does Mediation Work?

Some people may use mediation to settle a disagreement or negotiate a divorce settlement. The parties usually have attorneys to represent their interests. The mediator serves as a facilitator between the two groups, helping them understand each other’s concerns and reach agreements. If the spouses are unable to negotiate a settlement, they may proceed to court or even try collaborative divorce. One thing to remember is that the mediator does not hand down a decision, like a judge. Any settlement agreement signed at the end of the mediation session may not be binding in court.

Can Mediation and the Alabama Uniform Collaborative Act Help with Divorce?

Even a simple divorce can become contentious. The parties may be highly emotional and have trouble ‘seeing the big picture.’

Using mediation and the Alabama Uniform Collaborative Act may bring warring spouses back to earth. Wouldn’t you rather spend your time enjoying life instead of sitting in a courtroom?

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