When you think of what business lawyers do, you may think that their practice is boring or that they make massive corporate deals all day and party all night. The truth is somewhere in between. A local Anniston business lawyer may not be involved in huge corporate mergers that make the news but, rest assured, he or she still has plenty of things to do.

Form Companies

A business lawyer might advise clients on how to start a business. This task sounds deceptively simple. However, forming a company requires knowledge of different types of business entities as well as state and federal laws. Business lawyers must apply their knowledge to their client’s particular situation.

For example, one client may be advised to start a limited liability company. Another client might benefit from forming a corporation instead. There’s more involved than choosing a name and a logo. Tax considerations and liability enter the equation as clients compare limited liability companies with S corporations.

It’s also important to prepare the right documents and submit them to the proper agencies.

Draft Contracts and Agreements

Business lawyers also perform another task crucial to business: drafting contracts and agreements. Most business ventures start with a contract, like a partnership or franchise agreement.

A business lawyer will analyze your circumstances, research all available options, then offer advice about those options. After agreeing to a course of action, your business lawyer will draft up the paperwork for your review

Using an unenforceable contract or failing to read the fine print can spell trouble for your business down the road.

Untangle Disputes

In fact, that’s another area where business lawyers can step in. Companies large and small may get sued by clients, vendors, or competitors. When legal disagreements arise, business owners need an attorney to represent their best interests. Who better than an attorney with experience forming companies, drafting contracts, and advising them about important legal matters.

Assess Your Needs Before Choosing to Form an S Corporation

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